You can also opt to have our dog trainer train your dog or puppy for you.
This is great for teaching basic obedience training and/or manners training,
or to train specific behaviors. You have the option of bringing your dog to us each
day, or we can come by your home regularly to work with your pet.

Having a trainer work with your dog can be particularly helpful for obedience
training, or if you have specific training goals or behaviors you would like your dog to
learn. It can also be helpful to pet owners with limited time or mobility problems, and
can be a good way to add a "jump start" to a training program. As part of the
program, we keep you informed of your dog's progress, and we periodically schedule
time with you as well: to teach you how to properly cue your dog, to help you create
a consistent environment, and to teach you how to reinforce his training.

In order to produce lasting results, this type of program usually requires
that training be continued for a few weeks time.

It's important to understand that the quality of your dog's overall behavior results
from a combination of the information he/she has been taught, and the nature of
the relationship you build with your dog. You will not be happy with the results of
day training if you expect your dog to behave like a programmed machine:
obeying everything you ask of him simply because "he knows what to do."
Particularly for specific behavior problems, changing your dog's behavior requires
that you change your behavior as well. Old behavior we reemerge very quickly if
the dog returns to his original environment and nothing has changed.  

In other words, you will still need to invest time and effort into your dog's learning.    
Ultimately training is a lifetime commitment, so any training that we do must be
reinforced and maintained by you, the dog's real trainer, for the rest of his life. But
having the trainer "do the heavy lifting" by working individually with the dog first,
often makes it much easier for people to achieve their training goals.

Day training for dogs and puppies of all ages, sizes, and temperament types.

Day training is not a suitable option for every situation.
We offer phone consultations to help you determine which type of training option   
would be most appropriate for you, your dog, and your situation.
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Reasons to hire a professional dog trainer or puppy trainer

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