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So. Cal. Dog Training & Puppy Training
ph: (818) 890-1133

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Overnight and day training, board and train
New dog training, new puppy training, training package for new pet owners
Private dog training and instruction
When people call us for help, it's usually because they've realized they can't achieve the results they want on their
own. They're in need of a professional trainer who can help them to mold their dogs' behavior into something
desirable, and create a living situation that is both peaceful and pleasing for all concerned.

We bring 30+ years of dog handling experience and knowledge to our clients. These years have presented us with
the opportunity to work with dogs of many different breed and temperament types, in a vast array of training
scenarios and challenges. As such, we've been able to learn about what works and what doesn't.

Over the last three decades, dog training has changed and evolved, and we've endeavored to stayed current and
informed of the latest studies and research regarding canine behavior and training. We then combine 30+ years of
hands on experience and knowledge, with the latest information and techniques, to produce consistent results.   

Every dog should have a few staple skills. A dog who has good manners, who comes when he's called, and stays
when he's told to; who walks nicely on a leash, and doesn't soil the house, is considered by most to be a well trained
dog. These are the skills we emphasize when "obedience training" a dog. But we don't believe the job is done until a
dog will reliably perform these behaviors in real life situations.

We can help you teach your dog the things he needs to know, without turning him "robotic" or robbing him of the
natural joy of his "doggie" self. Our vision is not to train a dog who will come to you only after being "drilled" or put
into a sit, but rather to have a dog who can romp and play and still return to you willingly when called.

By teaching our clients to understand their dog's natural psychology, behavior and drives, as well as how to use those
natural drives in a positive way, we can help our human clients to teach their dogs about desirable behavior...without
the need to suppress their canine personalities, or dampen their natural spirit.
Why Hire a Certified Professional Dog Trainer?
Oops! Does this look familiar?
Don't panic...we're committed to finding practical solutions for real life situations.
The methods we use are
scientifically supported, humane, and highly effective.
In addition to producing excellent training results, our priority is to
foster a positive and willing attitude in every dog we work with

With the proper techniques, we'll help you build the understanding,
trust, and teamwork that you and your best friend deserve.
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Contact: (818) 890-1133
Dog Training & Puppy Training
Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley,
Santa Clarita Valley, San Gabriel Valley
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Professional Dog Training and Instruction in Southern California:
Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita, & parts of San Gabriel
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