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Love your dog, train your dog
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Got a new dog?           Get a "Great Start."           Great Start for Puppies...           Great Start for Adult Dogs...           Ask about a "GREAT START" program today!

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puppy trainer
We have a "Great Start" training program for pet owners
with young puppies or newly adopted adult dogs.
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There's no doubt about it,
the best time to begin training your new puppy or dog
is before behavior problems develop!
Whether puppy or adult, a dog coming into their new home is unsure about what's expected of them.  
Bringing a new dog home means teaching them how "you roll" in your home and what behaviors will and won't work.
Often, what we call "problem behavior" is simply normal dog behavior that we don't care for
Our Great Start program is designed to help you, help your new dog or puppy make the right choices.
It's a "package program" comprised of 5 hours of training, offered at a discounted price.  
We can teach you how to guide your new friend to behaviors that you find pleasing
...and that will ultimately make your dog's life easier and more fun!
If you can effectively teach a dog what they need to know,
without sending confusing messages or breaking down their confidence,
you can avoid the common problems that often accompany a new pet.
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Raising a new puppy can be overwhelming. But the good news is, puppies are like
little sponges, continuously soaking up information. And if you know how, you
can make sure that the lessons they're learning during this time are
the things you would like them to know.

Where to eliminate, where in the house they can or can't go, what is acceptable
to chew on...and what's not; and how to interact well with their new family
members, are just a few of the things a new puppy needs to learn.

Teaching them what should do, instead of waiting for them to make mistakes and
then correcting them for what they don't know, is the way to avoid problems
altogether and make learning fun. It can change what people often feel is the
"chore" of raising a new puppy into the fun time that we believe it should be.

We can teach you how to turn raising a new puppy into
a fun-filled experience!
Many a newly adopted adult dog has been returned to a shelter
or rescue simply because they didn't just "know" what was
expected of them. This can happen if people choose an older
dog because they erroneously believe older dogs should already
know how to "behave."  Well, it's possible that they did know
the rules of their old home, but every new dog needs to be
taught how to behave in their new home.

The key is to clearly define the rules of the house,
and to teach the dog how to best succeed.

We can help you set things up for success
with and for your new best friend.

And pre-adoption counseling services are free for those
adopting from a rescue organization or shelter!
New Dog &
Puppy Training
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