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Over the years, Kim has welcomed the opportunity to increase her "dog knowledge" by continuously tackling new challenges. The number and variety of her
experiences have given her a keen insight into what motivates dogs, and an uncanny ability to "read" dog behavior: both valuable skills when working with, and
helping others to work with their pets. Although she now devotes her time solely to training dogs and instructing people, Kim is also an award winning professional
pet groomer, has performed anesthesia free teeth cleaning on dogs and cats, and has tattooed pets for ID purposes. She also gathered valuable experience while
working at a cage-free doggie daycare facility, and as a swim technician at a canine hydrotherapy and physical rehabilitation center.
As a professional, she is comfortable working with dogs and puppies of all ages and breed types. In addition to behavior work, her training experiences have also  
included working with dogs in a variety of dog sports, where she has earned titles and multiple awards with several different dogs. The list of competition and
training disciplines that she has participated in would include all levels of obedience training, dog agility, English working trials, scent work, and stock work.
Kim is certified through the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers, an independent, international testing and certification resource for animal training and
behavior professionals. Because she believes that there is always more to learn, and to stay current with the latest techniques and research, she regularly attends
training seminars, and reads a variety of books and periodicals about behavior and training each year. In addition having large network of animal health and behavior
professionals to confer with, Kim is grateful to be a member of the
Southern California Dog Trainers Forum, the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, and the
International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants: all excellent resources for information and continuing education.   
Kim has 30+ years of professional experience working with dogs. That she would choose a career working with animals is no surprise, since
even as a child they were always her first love. But after obedience training a dog for the first time in 1978, she discovered that she also
had a real aptitude for the process of training. It wasn't long before other people took noticed of her skills, and started requesting her help
Certified Professional Trainer for dogs and puppies
Dog trainer & Puppy
trainer for dogs and puppies, young puppies
As a trainer and dog lover myself, I believe that the most common issues that pet owners
encounter, stem from confusion: the confusion that arises when you combine two different
species in one household. Dogs aren’t people, and people aren’t dogs, and each has their
own individual and essential way of viewing the world. As a trainer, my goal is to teach  
people a better understanding of these differences in perspective, and to develop a line
of communication that both can clearly and easily understand. In doing so, I strive to
connect people with their pets, and to create a harmonious living situation that will
satisfy the needs of both.
And by keeping it positive, we can also keep it fun!"
Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Kim Rinehardt
In her own words:
For Kim, helping people with their dogs is not merely a vocation, but more a true passion. In addition to donating her time and expertise to
various dog causes and rescues, she's opened her home to several foster dogs and cats (including an entire litter of puppies,) and has helped to
find and place homeless animals into forever homes. She has volunteered her time and services to several rescue organizations including the
Rescue Train, Best Friends L.A., The Bill Foundation, and the Golden Retriever Club of Greater Los Angeles.

As well as training dogs, Kim is the author of two blogs about dog training and other pet related issues; and along with her good friend and
fellow dog trainer Laura, hosts the podcast series
Doggie Dish, where they discuss a variety of dog behavior and training topics.
International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, IAABC
Certified Professional Dog Trainer, CPDT, CCPDT
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Contact: (818) 890-1133
Dog Training & Puppy Training
Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley,
Santa Clarita Valley, San Gabriel Valley
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training their own dogs. As these opportunities to work with different dogs started to present themselves, Kim began what was to become
a life-long quest to learn as much about dogs, dog behavior, and training as she possibly could. Eventually what had begun as a passionate interest, evolved
into a vocation; as her genuine, heart-felt enthusiasm, coupled with a true desire to help people, made teaching a very natural role for her to assume.
Positive, Reward-Based Dog Training
good dog, trained dog, dog training, canine recall, dog trainer and behaviorist
Professional Dog Training and Instruction in Southern California:
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